Mr. Roboto Was Ahead Of Its Time

By mrbagnall | 24th July 2017

So if you see me acting strangely
Don't be surprised.
I'm just a man who needed someone
and somewhere to hide.... to keep me alive.

I am the modern man.
Who hides behind a mask
So noone else can see
my true identity.

The problem's plain to see.
Too much technology.
Machines to save our lives.
Machines dehumanize.


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Secure SOLR, Apache, Docker & Proxy Directories

By mrbagnall | 29th May 2017

I'm going to straight up admit that I am not a SOLR expert from a system administration standpoint. As such, I have a lot to learn about various configurations and setup options for getting SOLR working in different ways.


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Branding Yourself

By mrbagnall | 21st May 2017

Branding. It's something a lot of programmers think about, but not many very seriously. On the other hand, I have been obsessed in my past with how I branded myself and my work. 


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