Mr. Roboto Was Ahead Of Its Time

By mrbagnall | 24th July 2017

So if you see me acting strangely
Don't be surprised.
I'm just a man who needed someone
and somewhere to hide.... to keep me alive.

I am the modern man.
Who hides behind a mask
So noone else can see
my true identity.

The problem's plain to see.
Too much technology.
Machines to save our lives.
Machines dehumanize.

Sounds like the modern day internet to me.


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Secure SOLR, Apache, Docker & Proxy Directories

By mrbagnall | 29th May 2017

I'm going to straight up admit that I am not a SOLR expert from a system administration standpoint. As such, I have a lot to learn about various configurations and setup options for getting SOLR working in different ways.


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Branding Yourself

By mrbagnall | 21st May 2017

Branding. It's something a lot of programmers think about, but not many very seriously. On the other hand, I have been obsessed in my past with how I branded myself and my work. 


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