Undefined Index: function Errors in D9

By mrbagnall | 09th August 2020

In my travels, I came across this error that I did not see a lot of documentation on while googling, so I wanted to share what I had found here. Here is the error I found while working on Probo:

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50 Shades of "Down" (Drupal Style)

By mrbagnall | 31st July 2020

We've all gotten it. The call. The text. The email. "The site is down". Nothing more. Nothing less. That nebulous nugget of tech support clickbait that anyone in a position of responsibility is forced to drill down on in order to make sure we've properly covered our asses even though it is most likely some other form of content, user or other error in perception of difference between what "up" really means and what "down" really is. 

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