Wordpress Image Optimizer

By mrbagnall | 27th March 2016

WordPress isn't native tongue to me. That said, I feel as competitent with it as I do any standard PHP content management system not written in an unfamiliar framework. Recently, I had been tasked with optimizing a WordPress site that was front heavy, slow loading, and experiencing a ton of show view times and high bounce rates.

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Installing Xapian.so Without MacPorts/Homebrew

By mrbagnall | 22nd August 2015

If you've followed this blog or even specific entries on this blog, you will know I am not a proponent of MacPorts, Homebrew or other package management applications as they relate to OS X. Instead, I have chosen the "roll your own" route more than once. 

On my blog entry for installing PHP with GD and other utilities on OS X without Homebrew,I have detailed the process that I prefer for maintaining these sorts of applications.

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