Old Demo Tapes

By mrbagnall | 15th July 2020

When I first moved to Nashville back in 1995 it was to become a recording engineer. I didn't care about making music. I couldn't even play an instrument (and I still can't). But I wanted to be the technical guy behind the scenes moving the levels and the knobs. Unfortunately for me, there is a WHOLE lot more to music engineering and mixing than pure technicals. There is the ability to "hear" and "listen" and "understand" music on a level I never trained or practiced to - and didn't really aspire to. And as such, that dream faded pretty quickly.

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Comfortably Mediocre

By mrbagnall | 12th October 2016

A few weeks ago I was driving in Maryland and came across a freshly pave section of roadway. It was smooth, quiet, and fast. It was an amazing contrast to the bumps and grinds of the previous 5 miles. The problem? The lines in the road. I have never seen a worse set of divider lines painted on a road. What had been a job well done by a lot of people was quickly reduced to confusion, danger and even laughter by someone who could not move a paint machine in a straight line.

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