Encoding LP's, Albums, Casettes in FLAC

By mrbagnall | 07 September 2015

I have recently taken to encoding my vinyl record collection to try and capture what is a superior sound quality. I am learning a few things along the way since this is all pretty new to me even though I'm pretty technically skilled at audio and computers. I was curious if anyone could help me with any of these questions and I'll post answers as I get feedback.

  1. I know that the FLAC format is best for storage. But there are a lot of options. 16bit vs 24 bit, 44,100 samples vs 48,000 samples. I have been encoding at a whopping 96,000 samples. I realize that the higher the sample rate, the better the encoding. Does it matter at any point? When I convert them to ALAC for iTunes, it won't put any of my 96,000 sample songs on my iPod, so I've dumbed them down using ffMpeg to 48,000 samples.
  2. Is there a real sonic difference between 16 and 24 bit?
  3. I am also looking to upgrade my turntable. I could use recommendations. Right now I am using an ION which is .... well..... a piece of crap but it's an affordable one. And I am using the audio out on it and not the USB. The USB had this nasty low volume, buzz on it that I could hear and that wasn't cutting it.

Any advice on this would be also greatly appreciated. I have a bunch of vinyl to encode and plan to buy vinyl when available going forward. I appreciate it.