False Start

By mrbagnall | 13 November 2016

Selling a house is more stressful than you may think. It's not as easy as "move out, collect check". It's packing up your life. Reducing your memories, pictures, belongings into a sequence of boxes that will, in our case, be sitting in a warehouse for the next 12-18 months. It's home inspections. Home repairs. Cleaning and keeping your 3 year old from messing up that which youv'e cleaned. It's deciding what to sell, what to donate, and what to trash. It's the stress of planning the where, when and how of your life. 

In our case, it's into storage until we find a place or have our place built. Both are looking like 12-18 month projects. It isn't all bad. By the time we're done we will be basically out of debt. Still, trying to coordinate all of this from a 300 sqare foot apartment 700 miles away has its own challenges. The stress has taken its toll on both of us. Sickness and physical ailments have plagued us both. I've put on weight, drank too much and skated too little. A far cry from what I said I was going to do just a month ago. 

But that isn't where this is - or will - end.

I've false started. Failed. Whatever you want to call it. I've not been paying attention or listening to myself and it's caused problems. When you fail, you get back up off the mat and you start again. Winners are losers who got up and gave it one more try.

Back in the gym. Back on the ice. Regularly. I want to do it. I've just been feeling too sorry for myself.

Hockey is therapy. It always has been. I've suffered when I've been away from the game too long.... and it has been too long.