Hello Ello

By mrbagnall | 28 July 2015

Goodbye Facebook, hello Ello.

I have decided today to begin a migration from Facebook to Ello. While Facebook will always be a "Necessary Evil" for some things, I am primarily going to use it for my hockey hobby and anything else will go to Ello. Pictures, code update news, rantings, anything that happens to come to mind will go there. This includes any discoveries also. I'm done with being someone else' product. It's time for me to get long in my shelf life from Twitter and Facebook and become more of a contributer than a consumer. I do not feel like I can be this on Facebook.

Not that this really impacts anyone who comes here as this will be the first place I update. However, this is my little space to advocate for Ello and internet privacy. When you get sick of being the product - come join me.