Introducing mTools, the Right Tool for the Right Job

By mrbagnall | 11 January 2015

Today I would like to introduce a new Drupal helper kit called mTools. Right now this is primarily a collection of Drush commands that are designed to assist site builders and developers during various stages of Drupal site development. While limited right now, this will be growing over time and this article will be updated to reflect that grown and those changes.

This functionality includes:

  1. The ability to delete all node content or the contents of a particular node type
  2. The ability to clear all taxonomy terms globally or of a particular vocabulary
  3. Remove all created users (with the exception of uid 1


Most of these are useful for resetting created content so that content entry and other modules and imports that can happen can be tested without the manual deletion process that would need to occur if things went awry.

This module is only available for Drupal 7 at this point and only on GitHub. You can find it by going to the following link: