Hello Ello

By mrbagnall | 28 July 2015

Goodbye Facebook, hello Ello.

Magento, Item Attributes and Images

By mrbagnall | 10 July 2015

Lately I've been working on a headless integration of Magento with Drupal 7. The task is pretty straight forward even if the implementation has its challenges. One of the first I have encountered id synchronizing attribute fields (used in products and attribute sets for types of products) with Drupal. The Magento API does allow you to dump the attributes of a set via the API, but there are fields that are hard-coded which it will ignore. Among these include gallery and image media files.

Introducing mTools, the Right Tool for the Right Job

By mrbagnall | 11 January 2015

Today I would like to introduce a new Drupal helper kit called mTools. Right now this is primarily a collection of Drush commands that are designed to assist site builders and developers during various stages of Drupal site development. While limited right now, this will be growing over time and this article will be updated to reflect that grown and those changes.

This functionality includes:

Telecommuting & Remote Work

By mrbagnall | 30 December 2014

For past year I have had an amazing opportunity to work for my company remotely. They are located in Silicon Valley and my home is in the suburbs of Nashville, Tennessee where my wife and children live. It has afforded me unique opportunities but with those have come a high sense of responsibility and discipline that you might not expect when working in your office of one. Fortunately I have a working spouse. I say fortunately because it gives me most of the day to myself to sit and get my job done in an undistracted and consistent way.

Managed Files Within Drupal 7

By mrbagnall | 06 December 2014

Recently, I was tasked with creating a managed file space within a settings page on a custom Drupal module.