Today It Begins

By mrbagnall | 08 October 2016

Commitment. Without it we drift. 

Today I'm committing.

Committed to being healthier both mentally and physically. Committed to developing a routine and sticking to it. But most importantly, a commitment to moderation. 

I have an all or nothing mentality. I've never been good at the shades of gray. While I harness this into success in some areas, it is a very big failure in others. Moderation is likely the most difficult of these goals but I need to achieve it in terms of my commitments. 

I've committed myself to my work, my career. I need to commit myself to myself. I've always been my own biggest critic. Self loathing is my friend. Harnessing this into building a better me is key. 

So I will be commited - in moderation. Paradox? Perhaps but you have to start somewhere.

And I choose to start today.


by Michael R. Bagnall  - @mbagnall17 -