When Your Ship Comes In (Drupal 7/Docker)

By mrbagnall | 21st May 2017

When it comes to managing your cargo, it's hard go wrong with Docker. In fact when done properly, Docker and Drupal can be a formidable partnership for development and functionality. It can also bridge knowledge limitations presented by different technologies and your familiarity with them. Here I demonstrate a running log of how I implement Drupal with Docker containers for deployment. And provide a skeleton for you to do the same.


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False Start

By mrbagnall | 12th November 2016

Selling a house is more stressful than you may think. It's not as easy as "move out, collect check". It's packing up your life. Reducing your memories, pictures, belongings into a sequence of boxes that will, in our case, be sitting in a warehouse for the next 12-18 months. It's home inspections. Home repairs. Cleaning and keeping your 3 year old from messing up that which youv'e cleaned. It's deciding what to sell, what to donate, and what to trash. It's the stress of planning the where, when and how of your life. 

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Comfortably Mediocre

By mrbagnall | 12th October 2016

Mediocrity is a learned behavior. It's not something we were born with. It's not some rare disease. It is a pattern of behavior caused through inherent comfort.

Let that sink in.

How comfortable are you? What do you do in order to maintain whatever comfort you have? Do you take risks? 

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